Prof. Dr. Harald Gröger

Bielefeld University

Department of Chemistry
Industrial Organic Chemistry and Biotechnology
P.O. box: 10 01 31

D-33501 Bielefeld

phone: +49-(0) 521-106-2057

Curriculum vitae

1988 - 1994   Studies in chemistry (Diploma) at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and University of Oldenburg
1994 - 1997   Doctoral Thesis at the University of Oldenburg in the research group of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Martens
1997 - 1998   Post-Doc researcher at the University of Tokyo at the research group of Prof. Dr. Masakatsu Shibasaki
1998 - 2001   Head of laboratory in chemical research of the business unit "Specialty and Fine Chemicals"
                      of SKW Trostberg AG and Degussa AG (after merger in 02/2001)
2001 - 2003   Project Manager in the Project House Biotechnology of Degussa AG
2003 - 2006   Senior Project Manager at the Service Center Biocatalysis of Degussa AG
2006 - 2011   W2-Professor for Organic Chemistry at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
since 4/2011  W3-Professor for Organic Chemistry at the University of Bielefeld


1996   Scholarship of the Heinz-Neumüller-Stiftung
1997   Scholarship of the Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST)
2003   Degussa Innovation Award 2003 in the Category "New Products"
2005   Final Round at the "Innovation Award of the German Industry 2004"
2005   Degussa Innovation Award 2005 in the Category "New or Improved Processes"
2007   Thieme-Journal-Prize 2007
2008   Carl-Duisberg-Memorial Prize 2008 from the German Chemical Society (GDCh)
2012   "Centre in Green Chemistry and Catalysis-Lecturer 2013-2014" at University of Montreal and McGill University / Canada
2014   Otto Roelen Medal 2014 from DECHEMA and the German Catalysis Society (GeCatS)
2014   Visiting Professorship at Osaka University / Japan
2018   "Annual Lecture of the Biotechnology Research Center" at Toyama Prefectural University / Japan

Research Interests

Enzymatic processes using oxidoreductases
Enzymatic processes using hydrolases and lyases
Biocatalytic syntheses with whole cell-catalysts
Reaction medium engineering in biocatalysis
Chemoenzymatic one-pot processes
Biocatalytic synthesis of pharmaceuticals
Technical biocatalytic processes
Green Chemistry – Sustainable syntheses
Asymmetric chemocatalysis
Industrial production processes