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Time-resolved confocal fluorescence microscope

Model: PicoQuant MicroTime 200
Contact: Oliver Wrede

zepto The Microtime 200 Time-resolved confocal fluorescence microscope combines the usual confocal setup with a high time resolution (down to ~10 ps). The confocal setup consists of 4 different laser lines (405, 485, 510 and 640 nm), the respective dichroic mirrors (the wavelengths of 485 and 640 nm can be measurements simultaneously with a two-band dichroic) the Olympus IX71 inverted microscope (equipped with a 60x water objective) and different pinholes. A Picoharp 300 together with two Avalanche Photo diodes make up the detection system. Together with a piezo sample stage, this setup allows for example: TCSPC, FLIM, FCS and fluorescence anisotropy.