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  • Visit of the ESS construction site after the 22nd Science Advisory Committee meeting in Lund. ESS_May_2019

    Form left to right: Thomas Hellweg, Kell Mortensen, Derek Logan, Fred E. Wietfeldt, Andreas Schreyer, Ken Andersen, Martin Mansson, Esko Oksanen, Monika Spano und Marie Plazanet. Picture: Zsuzsa Helyes (ESS).

  • Invited Feature Article published in Langmuir:

    Nanogels and microgels: From model colloids to applications, recent developments and future trends /

    Matthias Karg, Andrij Pich, Thomas Hellweg, Todd Hoare, L. Andrew Lyon, Jérôme J. Crassous, Daisuke Suzuki, Rustam A. Gumerov, Stefanie Schneider, Igor I. Potemkin, and Walter Richtering

    M. Karg et al.; Langmuir, Just Accepted Manuscript

  • Titlepage published in Langmuir:

    Titlepage_2019_01 In the framework of a French-German project with Université de Montpellier (group of Julian Oberdisse) the Hellweg group has determined the internal structure of thermo-responsive microgels using a reverse Monte-Carlo method for the analysis of small angle neutron scattering data.

    M. Cors et al.; Langmuir, 34 (50), 15403-15415

  • New article published in Scientific Reports:

    Volume phase transition kinetics of smart N-n-propylacrylamide microgels studied by time-resolved pressure jump small angle neutron scattering

  • Participation at European Colloid and Interface Society (ECIS) held from 2nd to 7th September 2018 in Ljubljana, SloveniaECIS-2018

  • New article published in Langmuir:

    Smart Starch-Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Hybrid Microgels: Synthesis, Structure, and Swelling Behavior

  • New article published in Molecular Pharmaceutics:

    Interaction of the Saponin Aescin with Ibuprofen in DMPC Model Membranes

  • New article published in The Journal of Chemical Physics:

    Polyacrylates in the presence of an extraordinary monovalent cation?Solution behavior and metal nanoparticle formation

  • New article published in Polymers:

    Thermoresponsive Microgel Coatings as Versatile Functional Compounds for Novel Cell Manipulation Tools

  • Visit of the ESS construction place (European Spallation Source), LundESS construction place

  • New article accepted in Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces:

    Insights into Gliadin Supramolecular Organization at Digestive pH 3.0

  • New article accepted in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics:

    Sreij, R., Dargel, C., Geisler, P., Hertle, Y., Radulescu, A., Pasini, S., Perez, J., Moleiro, L. H. & Hellweg, T.

    DMPC vesicle structure and dynamics in the presence of low amounts of the saponin aescin

  • New article accepted in Langmuir:

    Hillmann, R., Viefhues, M., Gött-Zink, L., Gilzer, D., Hellweg, T., Gölzhäuser, A., Kottke, T. & Anselmetti, D.

    Characterization of Robust and Free-Standing 2D-Nanomembranes of UV-Polymerized Diacetylene Lipids