Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was founded in 1975. Research at the Department of Chemistry focuses on fundamental research in the following main areas:

Currently 14 professors, 1 junior professor and 4 associate professors (Privatdozenten) are active in research and teaching together with their co-workers.

During the recent decades Bielefeld chemists have made eminent and highly respected contributions to different areas of chemistry. Members of the Department of Chemistry have been awarded severall guest professorships and highly esteemed national and international prizes for their scientific contributions and some have been appointed as members in scientific academiae. The Department of Chemistry is also quite popular among foreign guest scientists funded e.g. by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and the European Union.

Everything under a single roof

The concept of short distances within Bielefeld University provides manifold possibilities for scientific cooperation both within the Department of Chemistry and in an interdisciplinary manner with other departments. The members of the Department of Chemistry continuously utilize this unique chance by maintaining scientific networks like special collaborative areas (SFB) and research units (Forschergruppen). In the frame of such networks scientists of the Department of Chemistry investigate topics like: molecular interaction and recognition, generation of nanosize structures, biochemical phenomena of medicinal and biological processes, and the generation of interesting molecules as components for intelligent materials.