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Peptide-Protein-Interactions: Conformational analysis of chemically-modified peptides by NMR spectroscopy and MD-calculations

Synthesis of Cyclic RGD-Peptides containing beta-Amino Acids

The solid phase synthesis of cyclic RGD peptides containing β-amino acids according to two different protocols is described. The second strategy allows multiple or combinatorial syntheses of this type of cyclic peptides because it enables backbone cyclization while the RGD-peptide is still bound to the resin. The newly synthesized RGD-peptides were characterized by MALDI-TOF MS and NMR and their physiological activity was determined by aggregometry.

Cyclic peptides with beta-proline analogues and -mimetics acting as VCAM-1 antagonists

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Norbert Sewald
Project duration: 1998-2003
Funding: DFG (Innovationskolleg: Chemical Signal and Biological Response, Leipzig, 1996-2000; SFB 549 Processing and Signalling in the Extracellular matrix, Bielefeld, 2000-2003)
Coworkers: Dr. Frank Schumann, Dr. Miroslav Malešević, Dr. Dunja Zimmermann, Dr. Ulf Strijowski, Dr. Sylwia Urman



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