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Dhananjaya Sahoo
During my stay at the Chemistry Department, Bielefeld University I found it one of the best places to strengthen skills for conducting research independently. It was a great experience working with Prof. Godt (OCII, 2005-2009, PhD studies) and with Prof. Mattay (OCI, 2010-2011, postdoctoral studies). The very familiar atmosphere and support which I received throughout my stay gave me the confidence to explore my carrier in the interdisciplinary field.

Negera Abdissa (PhD)
I was lucky enough to travel to Bielefeld as part of my short term research visit to University of Bielefeld particularly Department of Chemistry, Organic Chemistry III Research group. The facilities including the modern techniques, scientific networks and the spirit of work in the research group is more than I could have ever imagined! It is where I got greatest experience in my university career and I have gained so much culture and perspective whilst abroad. Organic Chemistry III Research group is a small world, where you can find an international students and researchers.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Burak Atakan (©Universität Duisburg-Essen/Frank Preuß)
©Universität Duisburg-Essen/Frank Preuß
Ich war von 1995-2002 an der Fakultät für Chemie der Universität Bielefeld und habe dort in Physikalischer Chemie habilitiert. Ich habe die sehr offene Diskussionskultur an der Fakultät sehr genossen, gerade gegenüber jemandem, wie mir, der am Anfang seiner wissenschaftlichen Laufbahn stand. Die Fakultät ist zwar nicht groß, aber mit hoch angesehenen Professorinnen und Professoren besetzt, mit gut ausgewählten und immer aktuellen Forschungsschwerpunkten. In der Fakultät, wie auch in der Universität, sind die Wege kurz, so dass Kooperationen auch praktisch sehr einfach waren. Für mich war es eine sehr gute Station, gefolgt von der Berufung auf meinen jetzigen Lehrstuhl.

Dr. Luc-Sy TRAN
As a Humboldtian, I am currently investigating the combustion of new biofuels at the Chemical Department of the Bielefeld University.I knew this Department from 2012. The scientific research in this Department is really fantastic. They have a great scientific network and a highly interdisciplinary knowledge of chemistry, physics, and diagnostics, which is particularly useful in the investigation of complex processes, such as combustion involving coinciding physical and chemical phenomena.

Hao Zhao, PhD candidate
Bielefeld University is one of the best universities in Germany for knowledge learning and experimental skills training. I am focusing on chemical mechanism investigation using molecular beam mass spectroscopy techniques. The flame mass spectrometer in the chemistry department of Bielefeld University is one of the most advanced equipments in the world. I learnt a lot both in theory and experimental operations during this travel in Bielefeld University.

Barbara Dettlaff (M. Sc.)
Mein Chemiestudium an der Universität Bielefeld habe ich sehr genossen. Im E- und F-Zahn herrscht eine familiäre Stimmung, nicht nur zwischen den Studenten, auch die Professoren und Mitarbeiter der Fakultät haben immer ein offenes Ohr! Durch den intensiven fachlichen Austausch lernt man nicht nur die Chemie besser zu verstehen, sondern auch dass man gemeinsam häufig schneller ans Ziel kommt. Und dass das nicht nur fürs Studium gilt, merkt man spätestens wenn man im Berufsleben angekommen ist.

Dr. Zhandong Wang
Since 2009, I have been participating in several fantastic research projects with Prof. Dr. Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus, the leader of a world famous combustion research team at Chemistry Department of Bielefeld University. Especially, I was sponsored by the China Scholarship Council for one year exchange, from 2012 to 2013, to investigate the oxidation mechanism of oxygenated fuels. The spirit of innovation and multidiscipline research, as well as international perspective from the PC1 Group inspires me to do outstanding research.

Pr. Dr Jean Duplex Wansi
As a Humboldtian, I enjoyed two years (2009-2011) research stay in Organic Chemistry III group, Department of Chemistry, University of Bielefeld. My research work with Prof. Dr. N. Sewald and his team was facilitated by the good atmosphere in the group and the excellent research conditions. The multidiscipline research, as well as international perspective from the OC III group inspires me to establish a small reserach unit in Chemistry Department, University of Douala in Cameroon. As Natural Product Chemist, working on structure elucidation, I also appreciate the serious work done by Mr. K. -P. Mester in the NMR room F02-210.

CHOUNA Jean Rodolphe, PhD
The Chemistry Department of Bielefeld University has top and actual equipments which are permanently improve; good contact/connection for the achievement of most chemistry project. The Highlight memories are: Interesting and nice research teams with Fair and sociable administrative staff. My several research stays since 2006 on Natural Products at OC3 permit me to have good research skills.

Prof. Dr. Bruno Lenta
It is my pleasure to be back as Humboldt fellow in OC3 research group at Bielefeld University after my first stay in 2006. The good spirit in this interdisciplinary working group and the research facilities at the Faculty helped me to acquire high class experience and training in Chemistry of Natural Products from plants and their endophytes, and to built an international research network. The proximity of the faculties and the international character of research groups make Bielefeld University an outstanding and appropriate place for scientific and cultural exchange.

Prof. Dr. Verónica I. Dodero
In 2011 I had the great opportunity to test a new idea in Prof. Sewald 's group at Bielefeld Department of Chemistry financed by DAAD. Since then we have been working together and more recently we collaborate with Prof. Hellweg. The excellent research facilities and the interdisciplinary projects with Physical and Biology Departments allow to evaluate successfully complex systems. Now, as a Georg Forster fellow, we move from basic science towards translational research.

Benjamin Schomburg
After now finishing my PhD on protein NMR spectroscopy in Göttingen, I am extremely grateful for the excellent education as a biochemistry student I received at the University of Bielefeld. What most impressed me was the broad range of topics for individual specialization offered, and the very familiar atmosphere and support throughout the whole faculty. During master studies, I was able to gain deep insights on structural biology methods in the groups of Prof. Sewald and Prof. Niemann, and even the chance to perform my master thesis research externally at the University of St. Andrews.

Dr. Pascal Roy
Durch die ideale Größe, exzellente Ausstattung und enge Zusammenarbeit untereinander sowie mit anderen Fachbereichen und Universitäten bietet die Fakultät für Chemie hervorragende Studien- und Forschungsbedingungen. Ich denke sehr gerne an meine Zeit am Bielefelder Campus zurück. Man kann die familiäre Atmosphäre nur lieben.

Dr. Patrice Aimé Fokou
I joined the research group OC3 of Prof. Dr. Norbert Sewald as a PhD research fellow within the Chemistry Department of Bielefeld University (2002-2006). The topic of my thesis deals with the isolation and characterisation of natural products occurring in medicinal plants. Being particularly international, the work group OC3 offers a very pleasant and constructive scientific and social environment, and therefore facilitates an easy integration of foreigners at the university. All necessary facilities for scientists are also available at the chemistry department.

Yi Yang
The period of my study at OCIII, Bielefeld University undoubtedly established a solid ground for my career hitherto. It introduced me into a wonderland of peptide realm in which I am still exploring with substantial curiosity like a kid even now. The rigorous pattern of German thinking and performance impacted me significantly (positively) and I did benefit quite a lot from this unique experience. The emphasis on hands-on work and independent mind-set forms a very principle basis for a qualified chemist and one will be definitely beneficially moulded by this kind of environment. A plethora of interfaces among different disciplines will afford you invaluable opportunities to reckon on your career interests and build your future rationally. Last but not least, the live in Bielefeld is simultaneously peaceful and vivid, needless to say that there is a stimulating football team that will make the life unpredictably exciting.

I enjoyed working with Prof. Dr. Sewald’s group at Chemistry department, Bielefeld University during 2009-2010 as a Humboltdian. I learned various modern techniques during my stay at Bielefeld that requires for biochemist. This stay made me to deepen my skills sharp and fruitful for research career. Multidiscipline researches with international perspectives in excellent research conditions are the beauties of Sewald’s lab which can inspire everyone to move forward in their research career like me. Department of chemistry, Bielefeld University is one of the best faculties to have experience in research and culture exchange.

I visited the Combustion Chemistry group at Bielefeld University with the support from the Humboldt Bessel research award. Bielefeld is one of the world leading research groups in combustion diagnostics and chemistry. My visit to Bielefeld not only has had many fruitful collaborations in research and education between Princeton and Bielefield, but also provides me a bridge to European research community. Bielefeld is a lovely, quite, and beautiful city. My visit to Bielefeld is a great experience to my research career.

Dr. Marc-André Frese
Mein Biochemie-Studium in Bielefeld und meine anschließende Promotionszeit zwischen 2000 und 2009 waren für mich viel mehr als nur Vorbereitung auf das Berufsleben. Die offene Atmosphäre in der Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Arbeitsgruppen und Fakultäten, die vielfältigen Forschungsthemen, mein integrierter Auslandsaufenthalt in den USA und vor allem die engagierten Lehrenden und Forschenden an der Fakultät für Chemie haben mich wissenschaftlich und persönlich geprägt und meine Entscheidung für Bielefeld immer wieder bestätigt.

Andrianambinina A. Razakarivony (Doctor Candidate)
From 2011 to 2014, as DAAD-doctoral program fellow, I have been working in Prof. Dr. N. Sewald´s group OCIII, which tirelessly supported and offered me countless opportunities to improve my knowledge both in theory and experimentation operation in Chemistry of Natural Products (Plants and Endophytic fungi) and international scientific networks research. All this things has been realized because of the existence of the good equipments (HPLC, NMR, MS…), a stimulating international working environment and also a convivial staff at the Bielefeld University. Ich möchte mich bei der Gruppe OCIII, NMR und MS ganz herzlich bedanken. In Madagaskar haben wir so einen Spruch: "Aus einem Holz ist ein schönes Boot geworden, weil die Erde wo es gewachsen ist, sehr gut war".

Prof. Doctor Zulkhair Mansurov
In October 2009, I was visited the Bielefeld University (Germany) on the DAAD program during one month where was invited by Prof. Katharina Kohse, who is editor in chief of "Combustion and flame" journal, I was reported such themes as "Front structure of soot formation flames" and "Synthesis of nanomaterials in flame." With great pleasure I remember the meetings and discussions with scientists and graduate students of Prof. Katharina Kohse. Well equipped laboratories and deep investigations of front structure of hydrocarbon flames using mass spectrometry, the results of which were reported at international conferences and journals on combustion. Bielefeld University - is the perfectly good, ultra-modern university. I wish to Prof. Katharina Kohse as well as professors and employees of the Bielefeld University prosperity and success!!!

Prof. Dr. TIAN, Zhen-Yu
The Department of Chemistry, Bielefeld University, retains its character and charm while promoting rigourous scholarship and ensuing open academic atmosphere all over the world. I benifited a lot during the period of 2007-2013 in PC1 in the Department of Chemistry as a visitor, Humboldtian and research fellow in one of the leading combustion groups guided by Prof. Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus. The advanced knowledge and fruitful results inspires me to pursue the unstanding the homogeneous and heterogeneous combustion.

Dr. Stephan Barden
Nach meinem Studium an der Fachhochschule Aachen ermöglichte mir Prof. Niemann die Promotion im Bereich Strukturbiochemie an der Universität Bielefeld. In seiner noch jungen Arbeitsgruppe konnte ich mein Promotionsthema frei erforschen und so ein tiefes Verständnis für die Analyse von Struktur-Funktions-Beziehungen entwickeln. Die Fakultät für Chemie zeichnet sich insbesondere durch eine gute Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Arbeitsgruppen aus. So stehen neben zahlreichen etablierten Techniken auch viele neue Methoden zur Verfügung. Gefördert wird der offene Charakter durch regen interdisziplinären Austausch und kurze Laufwege ;) Diese räumliche Nähe zu wichtigen Studieneinrichtungen wie der Verwaltung und der Mensa erleichtern das Studium an der Universität Bielefeld.

Dr. Maria Ebbes
Von 2008 bis 2012 promovierte ich an der Universität in Bielefeld. Als Doktorandin in der Arbeitsgruppe der Biochemie IV bei Herrn Prof. Niemann lernte ich in einem tollen Team wissenschaftlich zu arbeiten und gemeinsam Lösungswege auf zu zeigen. Die enge Zusammenarbeit mit den anderen Arbeitsgruppen der Chemie ermöglichte einen interdisziplinären Austausch. Die erlernte wissenschaftliche Kommunikation und Argumentation diente mir als Grundlage für den Einstieg und die Ausführung meiner beruflichen Tätigkeit.

Dong Liu
As Humboldt research fellow, I have been working in Prof. Dr. Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus’s group, which is one of best leading combustion research team in the world, at Department of Chemistry in University of Bielefeld from 2011 to 2013. I really learned a lot here and this experience provides me the basis for a very strong future academic career.

Marius Koch
The Faculty of Chemistry understood well that students are not a burden but the future help for good research. The dedication and ability of the faculty to educate was the decisive factor for obtaining the broadly spreaded skills that now facilitate my scientific work. Especially the qualified preparation in the Koop, Godt and Kottke group during the Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis gave me the confidence to explore the challenging academic road.

Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez Alatorre
At the University I learnt how to operate apparatus in a totally new field in a short period of time. From a personal point of view, the Chemistry Department makes all researchers feel welcome and valued members of the group. The department made great efforts to accommodate cultural differences and linguistic challenges. A fond memory from my stay was the student race at the end of the year followed by a German beer (where I was nicknamed Speedy Gonzalez).

Thomas Berkemeier (M. Sc.)
Die Fakultät für Chemie an der Universität Bielefeld bietet wirklich hervorragende Studienbedingungen. Durch die angemessenen Kursgrößen, die familiäre Atmosphäre zwischen Studenten, Doktoranden, Fakultätsverwaltung und Professoren, sowie die kurzen Wege an der Uni Bielefeld hatte ich stets das Gefühl mich voll auf das Studium der Chemie konzentrieren zu können. Meine anschließenden Aufenthalte an der ETH Zürich und dem Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie haben mir gezeigt, dass ich in Bielefeld, insbesondere in der Arbeitsgruppe von Prof. Dr. Thomas Koop, eine äußerst gute fachliche Ausbildung erhalten habe.

Mark Linne
In 1996, the Chemistry Department at the University of Bielefeld had purchased a new short pulse laser and they had really exciting ideas. I was in Germany and so I visited. We set up a quick experiment and then we decided to get a grant to interact. Two of my students and I had many great visits to Bielefeld; working on energy transfer, short pulse LIF, and cavity ringdown spectroscopy. It was an invaluable experience for the two PhD students and they went on to careers at Sandia Labs and the National Center for Atmospheric Research. I also spent part of a sabbatical there doing this kind of work and I brought my family. I really enjoyed my research time at Bielefeld; the facilities are excellent and I loved working with the great people there. My family and I enjoyed our free time in Bielefeld and the surrounding areas immensely. We still talk about the wonderful times we had there.

Dr. P. Antony Premkumar
As an Humboldt fellow (2005-2007), I enjoyed my research stay and learned a lot, at PC-I department, Bielefeld University, under the leadership of Prof. Katharina Kohse Hoinghaus. The ambiance was excellent and the kind of support I received from our secretary in hosting me and helping in administrative stuffs, and from the technical staffs and research colleagues was incredible. The freedom I enjoyed in research, enriched my CV with lots of publications and patents which absolutely provided a perfect platform for my next carrier. I am ever thankful to my former research group for shaping my personal career and development. Definitely, I would recommend Bielefeld University for everyone who would like to pursue research. It will always remain my dream place.

Dr. Michael Kamphus
Ich habe ab 1994 an der Universität Bielefeld Chemie studiert und in Arbeitsgruppe Physikalische Chemie I promoviert. Besonders die offene Atmosphäre und die Möglichkeit das Studium mitzugestalten habe ich sehr positiv empfunden. Während der Promotion wurde mir die Möglichkeit gegeben an internationalen Forschungsthemen in gut ausgestatteten Labors zu arbeiten und an internationalen Konferenzen teilzunehmen. Das war eine sehr gute Vorbereitung auf meine jetzige Tätigkeiten. Ich denke immer gerne an meine Zeit an der Bielefelder Universität zurück.

Dr. Petra Dittrich // Dr. Alexander Schocker
Wir haben ab 1993 Chemie in Bielefeld studiert und im damaligen Diplomstudiengang eine optimale und breite Ausbildung erhalten, mit einem vollen Stundenplan, aber auch viel Freiheiten - insbesondere bei den Forschungspraktika im Hauptstudium. Unvergessen sind für uns auch die Fahrten zu verschiedenen Unternehmen der chemischen Industrie im Rahmen der Vorlesung Technischen Anorganische Chemie von Prof. Kleine-Weischede. Die kurzen Wege, das interdisziplinäre Umfeld an der Uni – alle Fakultäten unter einem Dach – aber auch die vielen Partys haben wir sehr genossen. 2003/2004 haben wir extern bzw. intern bei unserer "Doktormutter" Prof. Kohse-Höinghaus promoviert. Das internationale Umfeld, die Teilnahme an vielen Konferenzen und die freundschaftliche Atmosphäre in der Arbeitsgruppe PC1 lassen uns gerne diese Zeit zurückerinnern.

Birte Riechers (M. Sc.)
Studying physical chemistry at the Bielefeld University was not only a good basis for my proceeding career, but I also treasure it as a very pleasant time. In particular, I deeply enjoyed the familiar, but professional atmosphere among students and faculty members, including professors. The small and excellent courses were tremendously beneficial for providing all the skills needed in scientific research. This has been backed by the good collaboration between the Bielefeld University and internationally recognized scientist, which enabled me to spend 8 months working in Adelaide, Australia. These international collaborations and the good integration in the group of Prof. Dr. Thomas Koop during my Master's thesis bridged well between university education and the vast field of research. In conclusion, the education I obtained from the Bielefeld University makes me confident to reach my future goals as a scientist, either in academia or in industry.

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