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About us

This site is intended to provide a space for dialogue and information on a new transdisciplinary research network on the Black Americas, related to the project Entangled Americas: The Americas as Space of Entanglement(s) at the Center for InterAmerican Studies in Bielefeld, Germany. We are engaged in a collaborative endeavor which aims to explore the transversal flows and connections between communities, cultures, and movements that make up the African diaspora in the Americas.

While the last two decades have witnessed significant progress regarding the conceptualization of transnational flows between Afro-America, Africa, and Europe, the specific aspect of hemispheric dialogues between black communities in North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean calls for further efforts to bridge persistent demarcations between African American, Caribbean, and Latin American Studies and to establish dialogical and horizontal patterns between various existing lines of investigation. Hence, we want to invite you to participate in an exchange which is meant to expand our vision of the Americas as space of entanglements by focusing on the inter-American dimensions of what has been defined as black transnationalism. Reaching out to scholars, activists, musicians, and artists with expertise in the interrelatedness of histories, politics, and cultures of the Black Americas, we wish to generate a platform for transdisciplinary communication which lives up to the multi-faceted nature of our research topic. You are kindly invited to present your current research projects, texts, art work, or music productions. If you want to join our network please free to contact us. You are very welcome.
Contact: matti.steinitz@uni-bielefeld.de

Matti Steinitz, Vilna Bashi Treitler, Giselle Anatol and Wilfried Raussert