Universität Bielefeld

"Black Power: Movements, Cultures, and Resistance in the Black Americas"

2nd International conference of the Black Americas Network October 17-19, 2018, Center for InterAmerican Studies (Bielefeld University)

Organizers: Afua Cooper, Wilfried Raussert, Matti Steinitz

50 years after the assassination of Martin Luther King, the raised fists of African American athletes John Carlos and Tommie Smith at the Summer Olympics in Mexico City, and the release of James Brown's seminal "Say It Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud", the upcoming international conference "Black Power: Movements, Cultures, and Resistance in the Black Americas" pays tribute to the long-lasting legacy and continued relevance of the Black Power Movement. Reaching beyond US borders, Black Power inspired the emergence of new movements, styles, musical genres, and transnational networks of solidarity among Afro-descendants in the Caribbean, Latin and North America.

Committed to a hemispheric perspective on Afro-diasporic movements, popular culture, and antiracist resistance, the conference focuses on the transnational, transcultural, and transgenerational impact of Black Power, which continues to shape the political and cultural expressions of the Black Americas in the 21st century. During three days, scholars, activists, musicians, and artists from Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United States, and Germany will engage in transdisciplinary dialogues on the multifaceted dimensions of cultural and political resistance against white supremacy.

In a time when black activists in Colombia and Brazil become victims of targeted assassinations on a regular basis, and white supremacists in the U.S. are encouraged by the executive power while human rights groups as "Black Lives Matter" are targeted by federal authorities as "black identity extremists", this conference also discusses the relevance of Black Power today. What does Black Power mean to younger generations of Afro-descendant activists who struggle against persistent inequalities and new and old forms of racial oppression in diverse inter-American contexts?

Aiming to bridge demarcations between academic debate, cultural and political activity, this conference will not only consist of panel presentations but also features a series of events at off-campus venues which include a photo exhibition, a film screening, and live percussion, and a multimedia presentation and dance party at Bielefeld's popular Cutie Club.

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