Universität Bielefeld

Cultural Events

Wednesday, October 17, 18 - 20.00h @ Kulturamt Bielefeld [Kavalleriestraße 17]

Photo Exhibition "Black Matters"

Thursday, October 18, 20 - 22.30h @ Kulturamt Bielefeld [Kavalleriestraße 17]

"¡Nuyorican! Puerto Rican voices and struggles in New York (1968-2018)" Film screening, lecture, and live percussion

Featuring two documentaries, a lecture, and live percussion, this event is dedicated to the struggles of Puerto Rican migrants and their descendants in New York - Nuyoricans. Growing up in Spanish Harlem (El Barrio) and The Bronx, Nuyoricans have endured the same forms of social marginalization and racial discrimination as their African American neighbors. Against the backdrop of decolonization and the Black Power movement, New York's Puerto Rican and African American youth stood up together against their common status of second class-citizenship. In the late 1960s, a group of young Nuyoricans followed the example of the Black Panther Party and formed a chapter of the Young Lords- a revolutionary organization that organized the Puerto Rican community and struggled for the independence of Puerto Rico from the US.

In her lecture "Through the Eyes of Rebel Women, Black Power, and the Young Lords" and her documentary "¡Palante, Siempre Palante!" (2013), activist, author, and director Iris Morales reflects on her experience as one of the founding members and leaders of the Young Lords in New York, where she not only struggled against racism but also had to confront sexism within her own organisation.

Representing a younger generation of Nuyoricans, Bronx-native poet and activist Mariposa Fernández deals with issues of racism, Puerto Rican and Afro-Latina identity in the documentary "In Her Own Words: Nuyorican poet" (2018) by professor Wilfried Raussert and Alina Muñoz from Bielefeld.

Puerto Rican scholar and musician Juan José Vélez-Peña, who is leader of different Latin music band projects in the city of Bremen, will accompany the evening with his live percussion on conga drums.

Friday, October19, 21h @ Cutie Club [Große Kurfürsten Straße 81]

"BLACK RIO- Soul music and Black Power in 1970s Brazil" Multimedia Presentation and After-Show-Party

In the early-to-mid 1970s, Soul music from the U.S. was all over Rio de Janeiro. On so-called bailes black, organized by sound systems like Dom Filó's Soul Grand Prix, the city´s Afro-Brazilian youth not only danced to the latest records of James Brown, Aretha Franklin, and The Temptations, but also became inspired by the messages of the Black Power movement that travelled from the U.S. to Brazil through Soul music. In a multimedia presentation featuring video clips, pictures, and soundbites, scholar and activist Carlos Alberto Medeiros from Rio will explain how he and other movimento negro organizers used Soul parties as a platform to raise consciousness about the neglected reality of Brazilian racism, and how the Black Rio Movement helped to establish a strong sense of identification of Afro-Brazilians with the African American freedom struggle.

After the presentation, DJ Matatu [Black Atlantic Beatz], DJ Bongo of Berlin´s leading Latin soundsystem La Regla, Ángel Escobar from Colombia and live percussionist Juan José Vélez-Peña from Puerto Rico will conclude the conference with a hemispheric dancefloor journey to the sounds of the Black Americas: Soul, Funk, Latin Boogaloo, Salsa Dura, Cumbia, SambaReggae, Afrobeat... and more!