Universität Bielefeld

Individual Projects

Black Inter-American Mobility and Autobiography in the Age of Revolutions (1760-1860)

Astrid Haas


¡Cuéntame Algo! Narrating Chicana Lives Beyond the Borderlands

Julia Andres

Discourses, Practices and the Instrumentalisation of Ethnicity and Identity in Processes and Scenarios of Socio-Political Negotiations between 1980-1995: The Armed Movements and the National Constitutional Assembly in Columbia 1991

Eric Javier Bejarano


Research Project: Everyday Conversations in Guadalajara, Mexico

Nicole Drees-Alvarez 


Negotiation Processes about Indigeneity in Supranational Political Spaces of Communication

Post-Doc Project
Dr. Jochen Kemner


Literature as a Career: Columbia 1930-1945

Felipe van der Huck


Completed Individual Projects

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