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The Summer School program is divided into two complementary parts: First, students choose from four innovative interdisciplinary workshops (Ethnicity & Identities; Caribbean History and Literature; Social Movements and Human Rights; Borderland Studies). These workshops are organized and taught by a group of three teachers each, providing a unique atmosphere of team-teaching and co-tutelle. The teachers will open up insight into their research activities from the vantage points of cultural studies, history, literature, politics and social anthropology.

In the media practical sessions of the Summer School, participants will then be introduced to the basics of science journalism and specific audio tools by professional media coaches, before engaging in a student radio project related to the subjects of the workshop in which they are enrolled. Teachers and media coaches will support and advice students continuously in their efforts. Thus, students will acquire valuable key competences such as skills in text and media analysis, communication in a foreign language, digital competence related to basic competences in science and technology. The learning outcomes will be broadcasted by university radio stations and later be made available to the wider public via the host-website and other digital media channels.
























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