Universität Bielefeld

Knowledge of Global Entanglements


The project "Knowledge of Global Entanglements" from the Center for InterAmerican Studies (CIAS) at Bielefeld University pursues the goal of establishing a dialogue between science, education, and extracurricular political education. Representatives from all three areas work together to create teaching materials on intercultural global learning. The resulting cutting-edge research materials are created for use in schools, taking into respect the global links and entanglements of the Americas.

The thematic portfolios offer varied teaching suggestions tailored to different curricula, together with extensive collections of material, gathered mostly from research material. Accompanying analyses of the subject matters (Dossiers) have been created on the main topics of the folders, which provide teachers with further background information on lesson preparation in a compact format. The thematic portfolios and the related subject analyses (dossiers) are published by the Association for InterAmerican Studies Bielefeld e.V. and can be ordered online from book retailers (BOOKS on DEMAND).


Teaching Materials


Contact: Nicole Schwabe