Universität Bielefeld

Portfolio 1: Menschen. Nutzen. Natur. Zum Umgang mit Rohstoffreichtum in Lateinamerika

Social Sciences and Geography, Sec I & II

Portfolio Coordination: Anne Tittor / Nicole Schwabe


Publication Date: March 2016
Text: German
Number of pages: 64
Price: 13 EUR
ISBN: 978-3-946507-00-0

Authors: Johanna Below da Cunha, Kristina Dietz, Yvonne Rössler, Sebastian Rötters, Nicole Schwabe, Anne Tittor

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This thematic portfolio focuses on various case studies that deal with nature, while addressing the current and alternative forms of the exploitation of nature. The text highlights the political and economic aspects of the disputes and contradictions about the use of raw materials. At the same time, the portfolio also discusses alternatives to the dominant discourse on sustainability and developmental concepts. In this process, inequalities and power structures are considered in the context of North-South interdependencies.

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  • Dossier "Resource Conflicts in a North-South Context and Resource Sufficiency in Latin America"
    A detailed analysis of the facts related to the topic portfolio "Menschen. Nutzen. Nature " by Anne Tittor and Riccarda Flemmer.
    (Full text in German)