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"The technical competence is in the foreground"

Ann-Christin Kühn: Communications Staff Unit

Portrait photo Ann-Christin Kühn

"My field of activity at the Bielefeld IT Service Center can definitely be described as unusual. As a Germanist and trained PR editor, I was virtually unfamiliar with the field when I started work in 2009. At first glance, this was a knock-out criterion, but it was probably one of the reasons why the position appealed to me so much. My job is to build a bridge to people who know about IT about as much as I do. I really enjoy finding out from experts what they do and then conveying it in language that a layperson can understand. My minor in Text Technology, which is at the interface between the humanities and information and computer sciences, certainly helped me, as it goes to the heart of what my current job often requires of me. After all, it's not possible without an interest in IT.

As a woman and a humanities graduate, I am definitely a minority at BITS. However, this has never affected me or played a role in my day-to-day work. Equal opportunities are a reality at BITS. The focus is not on gender, but on professional competence. Promotion by superiors is completely independent of gender, and the atmosphere among colleagues is relaxed, with no room for unequal treatment on the basis of gender. For me as a mother, the issue of family friendliness is also important. At Bielefeld University, this is not just a phrase, but a lived reality. An exciting work environment coupled with a great working atmosphere - I don't think you could ask for more from an employer."

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