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    Peter Prestel

Important Information for FH students!

The Registration for the FSZ language courses is organized in two steps. First, you have to put the course into your schedule. In the second step you register for that course officially at the FSZ. Please follow these instructions to do so:

  1. As you are not enrolled at Bielefeld University directly, you have to register yourself on the eKVV with an external guest account in order to create your schedule. Please begin your username with FH, i.e. "FHMiller" (without any hyphens), so you can be found easily. Then choose the courses you wish to join and put them into your schedule.
  2. Note: The creation of the external guest account must be done every semester.

Due to organizational reasons from now on the registration needs to be done one time for each (!) course you would like to attend via this form.

If you want to join an English, Spanish, or French language course, please visit our placement page and read it carefully.

There's no legal right for any course offering or allocation.

Heye Voss

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