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    Peter Prestel

Information on the Placement Test


C-Test can be done online!

From now on the C-Tests take place online. Under "When are the next test dates?" you will find a registration form.


FSZ Team-Support

fsz.team-support@uni-bielefeld.de Phone: +49 521 106-67125

If you have any knowledge of the languages

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

and want to do a language course at the FSZ for the first time , you need to take a placement test to establish your skill level and help you find the right course for you.

Moreover the test is offered for a optional self-evaluation in the following languages:

  • Italian
  • Portuguese

The C-Test can be done once every semester per language and remains valid for three semesters.

Therefore, generally dates in two test-phases are offered.

The dates will be announced here soon.

The Placement Test is adapted to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). For more information please click the icon.

Our placement test is a special form of a gapped text, commonly referred to as a C-test. The C-Test we are using is provided by Münster University and consists of 4 short texts, in which, from the second sentence on, every second word has been edited to form a gap. Your task is to fill those gaps and complete the missing words. There are a total of 100 gaps, which means you can reach a maximum of 100 points. Please know that it is virtually impossible for test takers to fill in all 100 gaps – and correctly, with all the right words!  A result like that is typically achieved only by a native speaker of that language. Therefore: don’t be discouraged if you have to leave many gaps unfilled.

Try the Demo-Version to get a feel for the test.

Due to the current situation around the corona virus, we changed the procedure, so that interested students can do the test from home.

If you want to take the C-Test for more than one language, please contact us by email.

You need to register via the following form:

C-Test Registration

Within the form you will find the next test dates.







If you have taken a standardized and commonly accepted language test (e.g TELF, TOEFL, TOEIC, DELF, etc…) and your certificate is no older than two years, you may qualify for exemption from our C-test. A longer stay abroad may be taken into consideration.

For English you can first check this equivalency chart to see what level you qualify for and then contact fsz.english@uni-bielefeld.de with a copy of your certificate to have it approved.

For other languages, you will need to write an email to the coordinator for the language you want to study. Please, enclose a scanned copy of your certificate in your email and the coordinator will inform you of your course qualification level.

Yes, the C-test is necessary to take courses of the romance language modules. Deviating terms might apply.

For more information: http://www.uni-bielefeld.de/lili/studium/faecher/romania/sprachkenntnisse.html

Additionally, You can try the Demo-Version to get a feel for the test.

For the demo version of the test no registration is needed. Just click on Demo in the top left corner and then choose weiter without changing the already filled out login information.

Some helpful advice on the C-test can be found here: English or German

What points are needed for different levels and courses?
C-Test Point Table for All Languages

For those who want to take a quick test to see at which level around you are, we recommend the quick language tests for English, German, French, Italian and Spanish at https://www.sprachtest.de or https://www.turkishlanguagecenter.com for Turkish.

These tests are not sufficient for us. The reasons are: Tests basically only give you approximate values. So that they don't completely lose their meaning, factors of time and spontaneity play an important role.