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If your spouse and family members accompany you to Bielefeld, they also have to go through a set of formalities, such as applying for a visa. Please take care of a visa for your family as early as possible.

German migration and residence laws grant international scholars from EU/EEA countries the fundamental right to bring their marriage partners and unmarried minors with them or to send for them to join them after arrival in Germany. However, if you are a citizen of a country that does not belong to the EU or the EEA, you must provide proof that there is sufficient living space, Health Insurance, and that the family is financially self-​sufficient. Furthermore your spouse does have to bring for the application basic German skills (Exceptions are made for spouses of highly skilled employees/Blue Card).

For family members accompanying you, or intending to join you later, you will require the following



  • valid Passport document
  • original marriage certificate with a certified German translation (unless the original is an international document)
  • for your children: the original birth certificate with a certified German translation unless the original is an international document
  • a proof of income (copy letter of scholarship or work contract)
  • renting contract
  • health Insurance
  • renting contract and proof of all additional costs
    (e.g. electricity, heating)


If the application is not made jointly, family members will also require a copy of the international scholar's passport, containing her or his valid residence permit.

The residence permit Family reunion does give the allowance to work.