• Studierendenkonferenz 2019

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(from left to right: Anna Surmann, Dominik Cholewa, Marko Wenzel, Katharina Pietsch, Oliver Pawlak, Andrea Frank)

Anna Surmann

Room: Building X E1-248 
Phone: (0521)106-3366 
E-Mail: anna.surmann@uni-bielefeld.de

Marko Wenzel

Room: Building X E1-248 
Phone: (0521)106-3109 
E-Mail: marko.wenzel@uni-bielefeld.de

FAQs/ Frequently Asked Questions about the Student Conference

General Questions

Where will the conference take place?

The conference will take place in lecture halls of the UHG. The exact lecture halls will be announced soon.

I would like to attend the conference without presenting anything myself – is that possible?

Absolutely! All interested students and lecturers at Bielefeld University are invited to attend the conference as guests.

Are lecturers invited to the conference and may I invite my lecturers?

Yes, giving lecturers the opportunity to get to know the diversity of students' research interests is an important goal of the conference. So please do invite lecturers!