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AG 4: Schulentwicklung und Schulforschung

AG 4 - Field of Research

Current Projects

_Bi-Professional – Teacher Training in Bielefeld: Practice-Oriented – Research-Based – Inclusive (BMBF Project FKZ 01JA1608, Duration: 01.03.2016–30.06.2019)

_DaZKom-Video: Performance-Oriented Measurement of German as a Second Language Competency (GSL-Competency) of (Pre-Service) Teachers. (BMBF Project within the research programme 'Modeling and Measuring Competencies in Higher Education ? Validation and Methodological Innovations' (KoKoHs). Duration: 01.01.2017–31.12.2019).

_Diadem - Applying Critical Ableism and Deconstructive Thinking in Diagnostics
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Annette Textor and Mai-Anh Boger conducted pilot studies on the 'Diadem' project from 2014 to 2015. A proposal for third-party funding will be developed.

Research question: The aim of the 'Diadem' project is to question and change diagnostic categories on the basis of critical reflections on ableism. The study is conducted against the background of the demand for 'decategorization' in the context of inclusive diagnostics.

In an empirical pilot study for the project in 2016, Textor and Boger already examined how the usage or omission of the label 'ADHS' changes teacher trainees' perception of a student. The study identified effects of labelling diagnoses on person perception and performance assessment and derived consequences for diagnostic practice in the teaching profession.

Publication: Boger, M.-A. & Textor, A. (2016): Das Förderungs-Stigmatisierungs-Dilemma – Oder: Der Effekt diagnostischer Kategorien auf die Wahrnehmung durch Lehrkräfte [The support–stigmatization dilemma – or: the effect of diagnostic categories on teachers' perceptions. In: Amrhein, B. (Ed.): Diagnostik im Kontext inklusiver Bildung - Theorien, Ambivalenzen, Akteure, Konzepte. Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt.
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_ 'You should learn to think instead of learning thoughts' – Professionalization during teacher training through research-based learning of reflection processes in philosophy lessons (A subproject within the BMBF Project Bi-Professional. Duration: 01.03.2016–30.06.2019)

_Teaching-Related Casework in the Transition System (Cooperation 'BAJ') (A subproject within the BMBF Project Bi-Professional. Duration: 01.03.2016–30.06.2019)

_Reflecting on Their Habitus When Confronted With Educational Disadvantages in Secondary School: The 'Tabula' Project (A subproject within the BMBF Project Bi-Professional. Duration: 01.03.2016 – 30.06.2019)

_School Development through Cultural Education? Governance analysis of control effects on school culture and educational processes in the context of cultural studies: The 'Creative Potentials' project (funded by the Mercator Foundation. Duration: 02/2017–01/2020)

_Research and Development project on the Academic Design of the Journal DDS – Die Deutsche Schule [DDS – The German school] (funded by the Max Traeger Foundation. Duration: 2015–2017)

_Functions of School Inspections: Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge-Based School Development, and Legitimation (BMBF Project FKZ 01JG1304A & 01JG1304B. Duration: 2013–2016)

_'Working With Parents From a Child's Perspective'. Theo Stiller's PhD project is applying documentary methods to reconstruct the child's perspective on the cooperation between parents and teachers (Estimated duration: 2013–2018)

_VfL-Practice (Preparation for Learning Through Research During the Practical Semester) [ more ]

This research project is addressing the preparation for learning through research during the practical semester. It focuses on two aspects. First, students analyse study project reports to see which questions other students found during their practical semester while working on their educational science projects. Second, students use qualitative interviews to examine which learning opportunities their fellow students seized upon during their practical semester and analyse the role of the researcher in this context.

Project Members: Barbara Koch (Kassel), Birgit Holler-Nowitzki, Gabriele Klewin, Anne Köker, Jan Christoph Störtländer
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Projects at the Laboratory School Research Unit

Every two years, Bielefeld's Laboratory School Research Unit manages the formulation of a research and development plan. This is defined by those projects that will be assigned resources (especially research time and student assistants) over the next two years. These research and development projects relate to the progressive educational approach taken at the laboratory school known as the Laborschule. They address various questions that determine the research interests of both the teaching staff and the Laboratory School Research Unit such as: How can children with different abilities, origins, and capabilities learn together particularly successfully? How can individual children and youths be given intensive and adequate support? How can teaching and learning be organized without grades and selection? How can the intercultural opening of the school and its learning through experience be successful?


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Projects at the Senior Secondary College Research Unit

Research and development at the Senior Secondary College Research Unit and the experimental school known as the 'Oberstufen-Kolleg' involves various projects in which the 'Oberstufen-Kolleg' teaching staff and the members of the Research Unit work together.


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