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The „International Track“ in the Master of Arts Program in Educational Science

The Faculty of  Educational Science began in summer semester of 2010 with the conceptualization of an “International Track” for the Master Program of Educational Science. It is the goal of this Track to offer students the opportunity to have an international focus in their studies (in addition to their individually chosen focus) available locally.

The concept proposes the curricular entanglement of international and comparative contents, the successive development of English-language courses as well as the endorsement and enabling of a(n optional) semester abroad including advice and support as part of the “Project Studies” or during the creation phase of the master paper. Students in the “International Track” shall get the chance in the course of their studies in Bielefeld to qualify themselves for an international job market respectively work with international orientation in German Organizations and to create and substantiate their personal profile concerning an international science context.

English-language courses will be offered more often, among other things, by way of including international guest-lecturers/scientists. Support in the acquisition and improvement of competencies in the area of scientific English will be ensured through various tutorials and introductory courses.

The internationalization project (full implementation and first evaluation of the International Track) is set for a total of three years. At present, the conception phase is finished and the International Track classes are open for students to take.


New profile „Migrational-, Civic- and International Education

Beginning in the winter semester of 2013 / 2014 the International Track will be part of the new profile “Migrational-, Civic- and International Education”. Therein a total of four seminars will be offered in the module 25-ME-C1 which are partly held in English.
The seminars will still be available for students through elective modules as well as through the module 25-ME-C4.


Migrationspädagogik, Civic- and International Education

International Track (Studienmodell 2011)

International Track (Studienmodell 2008)