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National Action Plan Health Literacy – Implementation and Networking

Background and aims
In 2018, the National Action Plan Health Literacy (NAP) was published and submitted to the Minister of Health. It was largely initiated by researchers from Bielefeld University. The NAP contains 15 recommendations in four areas of action and identifies four principles for implementation.

In October 2020, a new three-year funding phase begins, which aims at a targeted implementation of the NAP and an intensification of networking at national and international level. Further development of the NAP is also intended.

The implementation of the NAP is based on a three-step approach consisting of diffusion, dissemination, and cooperative implementation. For this purpose, the NAP was first circulated extensively through various channels (diffusion). At the same time, the NAP was distributed to political leaders, associations, and umbrella organizations with the aim of generating willingness to implement and act (dissemination). A first implementation was initiated by workshops with important stakeholders from politics, science, and practice. The results were subsequently summarized in collaboratively developed policy briefs. This cooperative implementation approach will be continued in the new funding phase by (1) developing further policy briefs on the challenges of promoting health literacy in a participatory way. This will be accompanied by close, sustainable networking with important (inter)national stakeholders. A further focus is (2) on the international exchange on promising concepts and strategies for implementing national action plans to promote health literacy. The results will be recorded in a "living document". Finally, (3) a further development of the NAP based on new empirical findings is planned.

Further Information
Website National Aktionplan Health Literacy (german)
Download National Action Plan
Download Policy Briefs

Project management
Prof.in Dr.in. Doris Schaeffer, Prof. Dr. Ullrich Bauer, Prof. Dr. Klaus Hurrelmann (Hertie School, Berlin)

Project team
Svea Gille

10/2020 bis 09/2023

Project funding