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Where does an exchange take place about questions around teaching and where do you find support for teaching?

Exchange and Counseling at University Level

The Bielefeld University offers a wide range of courses to support teaching and to aid in the improvement of didactic skills. The primary point of contact is the Personnel Development for Teachers ("PEP_Lehre"). Services range from two-hour introductory events, e.g. from lecture hall equipment or working with the e-learning room, to a comprehensive certificate for higher education. Coaching for new lecturers is also offered.

PEP offerings are regularly sent to all lecturers by e-mail. You can also view them on the following page:

The Center for Studies, Teaching and Careers also offers an opportunity for exchange, career advancement and continuing education for the conception and design of teaching at the Bielefeld University. A visit to the webpage is worthwhile, not only for the training courses (for example media dicactics / eLearning), but also for the materials available for download:


Exchange and Counseling at the Faculty Level

In the faculty there is an exchange on teaching in several fora.

In most departments (AGs), regular meetings are held on questions concerning teaching. Your AG colleagues are certain to quickly draw your attention to this.

The Teaching Commission (LeKo) is also devoted to topics related to teaching. These include the design of modules to the conception of interdisciplinary teaching offers, strategies for dealing with growing student enrollment numbers, as well as teaching evaluation and examining concerns. The sessions are optional and you are welcome to participate. The most important points and the minutes will be sent by e-mail to the entire faculty after the meeting. Immediately before the start of each semester, curriculum discussions take place in which all lecturers of the respective semester meet in order to agree on dates and content.

In order to be able to exchange ideas in a somewhat more relaxed form, the School has set up a "Didacticafé". Twice a semester, interested lecturers meet for an hour to have a pastry and a coffee and to discuss topics that affect many lecturers (eg the organization of study achievements, dealing with shrinking student enrollment numbers during the semester). In the "Lehrcafé", there is often a short contribution from the team "Starting off right". The materials are set and freely accessible for all teachers in the eKVV-course 400002 "Information for Lecturers".

At the School of Public Health, three staff members work in the program "Starting off right". With their many professional and didactic skills, they are excellent contacts for suggestions regarding teaching: Dr. Kerstin Schlingmann is responsible for teaching literal competencies (LitKom). Ms. Odile Sauzet is responsible for teaching mathematical competencies (MathKom) and Ms. Julia Hinz (until December 2016) and Mr. Tobias Munko (from January 2017), provide student counseling (counseling and orientation).

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