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Examination Office

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Sabine Beiderwieden

Sabine Beiderwieden

Sachbearbeitung Prüfungsamt

+49 521 106-86501
R.2 B0-212

The Examination Office at the Medical School EWL is part of the Faculty Department for Study and Teaching at the Medical School and is the main point of contact for students and examiners in all examination matters.


Our responsibilities

The Examination Office team advise students on all questions concerning examination matters with respect to their individual course programme. For short enquiries, please contact the Office by email or phone. For more extensive enquiries, please make an appointment to talk with a staff member within our office hours.

We are responsible for accepting exam registrations, recording exam deregistration, and notifying students of examination admission.

The information from the examiners’ assessment reports is transferred by the Examination Office into the BIS examination management system, and thus into the student’s transcript of records. On request, we can provide students with their personal transcript.

As a rule, BAföG recipients are required to provide evidence that they have fulfilled their study obligations at the end of the fourth semester in order to receive further financial assistance. We will process the required ‘Formblatt 5’ (Form 5) and arrange for the Certificate of Achievement to be issued. 

The Examination Office of the Medical School EWL is the first point of contact for applications for recognition of credits and academic achievements for students transferring from another university in Germany or the EU.


Bielefeld University will begin the model degree programme in medicine in the winter semester of 2021/22. In this semester, courses/seminars will not be available in advanced semesters, so it is not possible to transfer to an advanced semester.


Lateral entry students who do not qualify for admission under the Medical Licensing Regulations (ÄApprO) must first apply to the Landesprüfungsamt (State Examination Board for Medicine, Psychotherapy and Pharmacy) in Düsseldorf to have their previous studies officially recognised. Even if approved by the State Examination Board, the study achievements will still need to be reviewed by the Medical School EWL, and will not automatically be recognised. Lateral entry candidates who qualify under the ÄApprO should also submit an application to have their study achievementsrecognised to the Examination Office.

For applications/ enquiries to the Examination Board, please contact the Examination Office team.

Examination and study achievements in the Bielefeld medical studies programme

The module examinations and coursework measure students’ learning, skills and understanding achieved in a module. More detailed information on all of the examination and coursework requirements pertaining to medical studies can be found in the examination regulation framework (§ 12) and in the module handbook.

Module examinations may consist of one or more parts (for example, a written exam and an exam with oral/ practical elements). These, then, are called assessment components. In the model study programme in medicine, there are graded assessment components that are used to calculate the module grade and overall grade, as well as ungraded assessment components, which are not included in the grade calculation. In the first module, the introductory module (5-I-EINF), all assessed components are ungraded.

At Bielefeld University, students are allowed to retake/ resit coursework, module examinations and assessed components without restriction. This principle, however, does not apply to the first phase of the medical licencing examination (Module 5-I-M1 First Medical Licensing Examination) which takes place after the fourth and sixth subject-semester.

Information on the admission and examination procedure for the First Medical Licensing Examination will be announced at the appropriate time. Students taking the second and third stages of the Medical Licencing Examination are also not permitted to resit these examinations.

The examiners and the Examination Office normally assume that you will take your examinations at the time scheduled in the study programme. For this reason, you will be automatically registered for the upcoming exam and listed there accordingly. The registration for these examinations, then, serves a purely organisational purpose. For the First Medical Licencing Examination, however, you are required to actively register yourself. In individual cases we may ask you to schedule an additional examination date, for example, to take the examination that comprises oral presentation and practical aspects in the introductory module (5-I-EINF).

If a student is absent from examinations but has good reason (for example illness), then there will be no consequences in terms of the examination regulations (though this does not apply to the first Medical Examination Licencing exam!). However, you are still required to deregister from the examination for organisational reasons (please send an email to:

After the examinations have been evaluated, the examiner transfers the results to the Examination Office. The Examination Office then enters the grades from the examiner’s reports using the BIS management system onto the student’s personal transcript of records. All attempts are recorded here, whether pass or fail, and are therefore visible on the transcript. For this reason, failed attempts cannot be removed from the transcript. On the BIS examination administration homepage, there is a feature which you can activate that triggers notification by email as soon as a new update has been posted (Activate notifications for new examination listings). This can keep you informed on any new updates to your transcript of records.

You can access the help page here when accessing your personal transcript.

Information on examinations

In order to take e-exams, you are required to install and use Safe Exam Browser (SEB) on your personal devices. Click here to download the Safe Exam Browser.

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