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The Bielefeld Reading Group in Moral Psychology

We are a group of undergraduate students, graduate students, PhD students and faculty from Bielefeld University who meet up twice a month to discuss current work in moral psychology (for example, we have in the past read work on moral cognition, evolution and morality, moral progress and moral responsibility). Our focus is on contributions which are both philosophically rich and empirically informed. Discussions are held in English (but contributions in German are fine, too). If you are interested in joining us, please contact moralpsychology@uni-bielefeld.de.

In the last term we read various texts by Hanno Sauer on the occasion of the Masterclass.
Currently we are reading different texts from the anthologies Moral Psychology by Walter Sinnot-Armstrong

The current participants are:

Hannah Altehenger (wiss. Mitarbeiterin)
Tim Niklas Nissel (PhD student)
Paul Rehren (M.A. student)
Paloma Schlichting (M:A: student)
Caroline Stankozi (B.A. student)
Valerij Zisman (PhD student)

Classics and Gems Reading Group

Graduate students and anyone else interested are invited for a reading group in philosophy of science. We read sections from a self-made canon of post-positivist texts, both the high profile classics and the lesser known gems.

Meetings are once a month, Tuesday 2pm-4pm. Texts and discussions are in English.

If you are interested, please contact Rose Trappes