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Gender sensitive teaching

Information on the consideration of TIN students

In addition to the consistent use of gender-sensitive language, the TIN Handout can help lecturers to shape online teaching in a more non-discriminatory way for TIN students. This handout was developed by students of the Faculty of Sociology and is now also used by others. For example, it recommends addressing students by their first and last names, thus avoiding the gender-specific form of address Mr/Mrs. Students should also be encouraged to use their preferred pronouns in order to address the person correctly in the further course of the seminar.  

In addition to the German, there is also an English version.

Advice on the topic of sexualised discrimination and violence in the teaching context

In the university context, teaching is characterised by the relationship between students and their teacher. Content is communicated and developed jointly in the context of lectures or seminars. Therefor, the sensitive handling of teaching content is particularly important. The formulation of content warnings is essential for this.

The commission of Student Affairs of LaKof NRW has developed a handout on content warnings in courses for this purpose.

On the one hand, they want to give students the opportunity to be able to put themselves in a potentially psychologically difficult situation on their own responsibilty. On the other hand, they would like to sensitise teachers to the issues surrounding sexualised discrimination and violence as well as those affected.

The handout can be found here. It is also available in English.

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