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  • Wirtschaftstheorie

    Prof. Dr. Bernhard Eckwert

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About the Department

Research as well as teaching at the Chair of Economic Theory comprises three core areas.

  • Theory of Capital Markets Main points of interest include the valuation and allocation of risks, the optimal design of financial instruments as well as the role of the capital market as a communication system.
  • Information Economics Ongoing projects in the field of research develop statistical concepts of informativeness with variable prior state distributions along with information-based notions of transparency in International Finance. Further core issues are the analysis of public and (asymmetric) private information in the economic process, applications in the health sector, as well as endogenous uncertainty on information markets.
  • Economics of Education Research in this field employs information-based concepts for an analysis of the financing of educational institutions. The welfare implications of investments in higher education are explored. Of particular interest is the question in which institutional arrangements various educational establishments can coexist and compete sucessfully.

Research topics and objects

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