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4th FlüGe Symposium
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Refugee Migration and Health

February 21-22, 2019
Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), Bielefeld University, Germany

The Conference

With the input of multidisciplinary experts, the conference highlighted the main challenges of health research in societies with dynamic migration, such as Germany. The conference also shed light on key political and humanitarian issues, such as the equal right of migrants for accessing health care services. Furthermore, the conference discussed interdisciplinary strategies and interventions towards integration of migrants.

The conference themes were:

  • Health care access and utilization among refugees
  • Physical and mental health of refugees
  • Integration of refugees in receiving communities as a social determinant of health
  • The legal and ethical aspects of the right to health of migrants
  • Epidemiology of infectious diseases in refugee populations
  • Current evidence on E-Health applications among refugees

For further information, please contact fluege@uni-bielefeld.de.

Meeting Venue:
Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), Bielefeld University
Methoden 1, 33615 Bielefeld

You can check out the preliminary Programme of the conference here.

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