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Matthias Belau

    Phone: 0521-106-67558


    Room: U5-126      
    upon request    
    E-Mail: m.belau@uni-bielefeld.de    

Short biography

Matthias Belau, born in 1982, finished his apprenticeship in nursing after high school graduation. Following this, he worked for several years as a qualified nurse in the medical field of neurology. From 2010 to 2013, he studied „Nursing Development and Management” at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Afterwards, he completed the Master of Science in Public Health at the University of Bielefeld.

Currently, he is working on the topic: „Family and network structures of refugees in North Rhine-Westphalia” at Bielefeld graduate school in public health. The aim is to take stock of the family structure and other social contacts. Concurrently, the perception of the importance of these networks with regard to the quality of life and the use of medical services is to be inquired.


Topic: 2.3 Family and network structures of refugees in North Rhine-Westphalia