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Anne Kasper 



    Room:  U4-132      
    upon request    
    E-Mail: anne.kasper@uni-bielefeld.de    

Short biography

Anne Kasper completed her apprenticeship as a midwife. Subsequently she successfully accomplished her Bachelor’s degree in Midwifery as well as her Master’s degree in Public Health. Mrs. Kasper gained work experience as a midwife in labor and delivery in Germany and Tanzania. As a study midwife she also supported different projects on maternal health and care for women and their families.

Since October 2016 Anne Kasper has been working as a research assistant at the Bielefeld University and has been supporting the NRW Graduate School "FlüGe - Challenges and Op-portunities of Global Refugee Migration for Healthcare in Germany". She is dedicated to the field of obstetric care for refugee women.


Topic: 3.5 Obstetric care for refugee women 


Further information about the project can be found on the project website