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Lea-Marie Mohwinkel



    Room:  U4-132      
    upon request    
    E-Mail: lea-marie.mohwinkel@uni-bielefeld.de    

Short biography

Lea-Marie Mohwinkel, born in 1989, studied Social Sciences at Leibniz Universität Hannover and gained her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2012. Following this, she gained a Master of Science degree in Public Health at Bielefeld University in 2014. In her Master thesis, she analyzed determinants on the willingness to participate in the German mammography screening program among Turkish migrants, resettlers and non-migrant women using data derived from the InEMa study. As a research assistant at the Institute of General Practice in Magdeburg, she gave courses involving intercultural competencies and encounters in medical practices.

Her subproject in FlüGe deals with transitions of unaccompanied minor refugees reaching majority. It is supervised by Prof. Oliver Razum.


Topic: 3.4 Women's health among female unaccompanied minor refugees



Further information about the project can be found on the project website