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Phillip Florian Schmidt 



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Short biography

Phillip Florian Schmidt, born in 1987, started his health communication course at the University of Bielefeld - which he successfully gratuated in 2014 - after finishing his apprenticeship as a qualified geriatric nurse in 2011. During his studies Mr. Schmidt did a semester at the Federal Ministery of Health. For his senior thesis he took a look into the influence of supranational efforts of government on german education policy of nursing. His senior thesis was honoured with the AOK NordWest promotion price. Mr. Schmidt finished his Public Health master’s degree in September 2016 with a thesis called „The political player’s conflict regarding the unification of nursing professions. A sociologically reconstrution of discours strands and importance patterns.“ During his studies Mr. Schmidt worked at first as a student help, later as an assistent lecturer both times at Team 1 (‚Healthcare systems, health policy and health sociology‘) of the faculty of health services at the University of Bielefeld.

Since October 2016 Mr. Schmidt obtains a doctorate within the context of the FlüGe college about the labour market integration of Migrants and Refugees on the example of the German nursing sector.


Topic: 2.1 Labour Market Integration of Refugees on the example of the German nursing sector