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Corinna Stöxen



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    E-Mail: corinna.stoexen@uni-bielefeld.de    

Short Biography

Corinna Stöxen, born 1983, holds a degree in public administration (University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration and Management of North Rhine-Westphalia). She was a local government employee for about 15 years. From the beginning of her studies, Corinna has set her focus on social law. As a professional working on the local level, Corinna was involved in the administration of law providing a subsistence minimum. While pursuing her studies in law at Bielefeld University, she was still part-time employed and founded a family. Her studies at Bielefeld University included a module on „employment and social security“ which she concluded with a written exam on social health insurance. For her outstanding academic achievements and her societal engagement, Corinna was awarded a scholarship by the „Stiftung Studienfonds OWL“ (Deutschlandstipendium für begabte und leistungsstarke Studierende).

Corinna joined the FlüGe team on April 1st, 2018. She is also a research assistant to Ulrike Davy, Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law, German and International Social Law and Comparative Law at the Faculty of Law, Bielefeld University. As a member of the Faculty of Law, Corinna is giving classes on German constitutional and administrative law.

In the context of FlüGe, Corinna investigates and analyses the legal framework for the access to (publicly financed) health care of asylum seekers. She will, in particular, examine as to whether the existing rules concerning the access to health care conform with the constitutional guarantee regarding the right to respect of human dignity and the right to equality. Corinna will also pay due regard to EU law and European and global human rights law.


Themenfeld: 3.2 Asylsuche und Gesundheit