Study opportunities

Bachelor Minor 

Since the winter semester 2011/12 bachelor students have been able to incorporate the minor subject "Latin-American History and Culture". The intention of this course of studies is the transfer of basic Latin-American cultural and historical knowledge with a focus on literature and to furthermore build profound language competences in Spanish. Aside from the department of history, the faculty of linguistics and literary studies as well as the language centre cooperate to make this minor option successful.

Study Abroad 

To foster the students? intercultural competences and scholarly exchange, the Department of Iberian and Latin-American History have established numerous cooperations with European and non-European foreign universities.

MA Interamerican Studies

As in hardly any other region of the world, cultural, linguistic, and political opposites of the industrialized, "developing", and emerging nations meet in the Americas.
The M.A. Program in Inter-American Studies sets its sights on these social, cultural, and political developments, taking into account both the present and its historical conditions.

study opportunities