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ENTRY: Entangled Histories: Asymmetries, Transfers and Identities in Global Perspectives

Our ENTRY project focuses on the analysis of global processes - in particular on forms of entanglement - while questioning power inequalities and dynamics of the "production" of identity. ENTRY is set within an interdisciplinary research field and ponders questions that emanate from the fields of Transnational History and (New) Global History. Aspects such as the mutual constitution of the self and the other, cultural processes of translation, economic entanglements and the global circulation of knowledge are at the core of our research.

When analyzing global entanglements the project will concentrate on the relations and contacts between (global) players and hence move from the analysis of "container entities" towards a process-oriented and relational understanding of the world. Accordingly, we assume that entanglements always occur within asymmetric frameworks and that entanglements create and establish these asymmetric structures while also being able to change them.