Research Network for Latin America - Ethnicity, Citizenship, Belonging

The Research Network for Latin America is a cooperation of historical, ethnological and sociological institutes of the Universities of Cologne, Bielefeld and Bonn and two individual scientists from Muenster and Hanover. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), scientists of humanities and social science investigate the concepts "Ethnicity", "Citizenship" and "Belonging" in an inter- and transdisciplinary project-cooperation. The application of these terms in the scientific and political practice in transregional contexts will be analyzed, among others, in the following thematic clusters:

  • Ethnicity, Citizenship and Belonging within the political communication
  • The signification of spatiality for these three key terms
  • Interdependences with other categories of distinction and identity

The research work of the network will be implemented internationally through periodic conferences and workshops.

The objective of the interdisciplinary network is the structural strengthening and expansion of the institutional framework of Latin America related research in the field of regional studies, as well as the collective development of innovative methodical and theoretical approaches.

The regional expert-net constitutes a competent contact for domestic and foreign scientists, development cooperation institutions, politicians and the interested public, which can access a differentiated expertise in historically grown, currently explosive conflict lines in development cooperation, politics, economy and culture of Latin America.


Bielefeld University hosts Stream A of the Project: under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Christian Büschges we research within the sub-project "Ethnicity, Citizenship and Belonging within the political communication". Academic assistant and Post-Doc Marc-André Grebe researches communal administration, interethnic relationships and forms of indigenous resistance in Ecuador from 1765 to 1857. Javier Bejarano works on his promotion project, which looks at the identity politics of Columbian guerrilla movements owing to political transformation processes since 1990. Dr. Sebastian Thies (Science of Hispanic Literature and Media) and Dr. Olaf Kaltmeier (Iberian and Latin-American History), both from the Bielefeld network InterAmerican Studies (IAS), are also members of the Research Network for Latin America.

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Summer School "Mobilizing Ethnicity"
Radioprogram for the public radio station of Bielefeld

Summer School "Mobilizing Ethnicity"

Movies of the 3. international Conferences and Summer School 'Mobilizing Ethnicity' in Bielefeld (27th of june to 6th of july 2012)

"Mobilizing Ethnicity"
"Mobilizing Ethnicity" - International Conference and Summer School Bielefeld 2012 (PDF)
programm (PDF)

Report Movie Movie to the 1st international Symposium of the Research Network for Latin America, Bonn (04th to 06th of October, 2010)

Memorandum of understanding signed with the Department of History of the UASB in Quito
In early August 2011, Prof. Dr. Christian Büschges, Project Director of the Bielefeld subproject, and member of the board of directors of the Research Network for Latin America, signed a memorandum of understanding between the Research Network and the Department of History of the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar in Quito.