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To enter either the international doctoral programme in history or independent doctoral studies, you have to apply for acceptance as a doctoral student in the Department of History. Acceptance is decided by the Department's PhD commission.

You can submit applications for the international doctoral programme in history up to the 15th of January or the 15th of June each year. Applications to the BGHS must be addressed to the BGHS application portal; applications for an independent PhD are accepted by the Dean's office of the Faculty of History, Philosophy, and Theology.

To be accepted for doctoral studies in history, you need a letter from a professor in the Faculty of History, Philosophy, and Theology confirming that she or he has agreed to supervise your work. You can find information on all further access requirements in the Regulation of doctoral studies at the Faculty of History, Philosophy, and Theology.

You will need the following documents for your application:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae in table format
  • Proof of entitlement to attend university, all academic degrees (certified copies), and transcripts in German or English
  • Exposé of proposed doctoral thesis (max. 4,000 words including references)
  • Confirmation of supervision (BGHS), or Confirmation of supervision (doctoral studies independent of study courses) by a professor in the Faculty
  • Two references (each with name, position, address)
  • If applicable, a list of previous publications
  • Statement reporting on any current or prior PhD applications
  • Proof of knowledge of three foreign languages (to be confirmed at the latest before opening the PhD examination procedure)
  • If applicable, application for recognition (of international academic degrees)

Accepted doctoral students must register as doctoral students at Bielefeld University?s Studierendensekretariat (Student office) and complete a supervision agreement with their first supervisor.