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Project Area A: Presentations and Representations of the Political


Project A 2 Aesthetic and Rhetorical Strategies of Political Communication.
Presentation, Rhetoric and Self-Dramatization of Politics in the History Plays of the 18th and 19th Century
Project A 5 1968: An Event in Communication?
  1. "1968" in Memories: Collective Representations of the Protests Following the End of the Protest Movement
  2. "1968" in Editorial Offices: Competive Struggle over Classification Schemes and Participation
Project A 12 Historical Semantics of the Political in Germany, England and France (16th - 20th Century)
Project A 13 Narratives of Politics and Gender: Securing the Future, Protecting Spaces
Project A 17 The Semantic Construction of the Political in the late Middle Ages

Project Area B: Shifting boundaries of the Political: Politicisation and Depoliticisation


Project B 8 Consumption as a Political Problem:  Germany and France in Comparison (1870-1914)
Project B 11 Petitions as a Form and a Means of Political Communication in Russia
Project B 12 The Construction of Political Space through Semantics of Inclusion and Exclusion. The Evolution and Function of the 'International Community' in Politics and International Law
Project B 13 Ethnicization and De-Ethnicization of Politics. Media, Actors and Semantics of Ethnicity in Transnational Communicative Space.
  1. Politics of Ethnicity and its Institutionalization in Transnational Negotiation Processes
  2. Ethnicization of Political Communication in Nepal
  3. New Ethnicities, Politics of Identity, and Media Participation of Ethnic Actors in the Mexican-American Borderlands
Project B 16 History, Polis, and Actuality in Archaic and Classical Greece
Project B 17 Political Corruption in the Early Modern Period: Practices and Discourses in England and Germany Compared (1550-1750/1800)
Project B 18 The Constitution of the Political Space: On the Role of Constitutional and Human Rights Jurisdiction

Project Area C: Violence in the Space of the Political


Project C 1 Violence as Means and Subject of Pre-Modern Political Communication - Protest Movements and their Repression in Late Medieval France and England
Project C 2 "From Prayer to Protest". Confessional Violence, the Catholic Church and the Claims for Power of the Liberal State in Europe, 1860-1890. A Cultural History
Project C 3 Violent Acts and Political Communication. The Autonomous - A "Guerilla of Communication"? (1978-1995)
Project C 5 Discourses on Violence and Discourses of Violence. La Violencia in Colombia 1946-1964

Project D 1


Project D 1 The Political as Communication: Results of a Research Group




zur SFB-Abschlusstagung "Writing Political History Today" (01.-03.12.2011)


Neu erschienen in der Reihe "Historische Politikforschung":
Susanne Schregel, Der Atomkrieg vor der Wohnungstür

Reihe "Das Politische als Kommunikation"

Reihe "Historische Politikforschung"

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