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2. (Refugee) Migration and Health

Several research projects have focussed on the the health status of migrants and their specific disease burden. Recently, Europe faces several societal and political challenges due to the large global migration which are highly discussed in the public, as well as in the academic and political arena. The current migration wave to Western Europe is a sign and symptom of the recent globalization process and the increasing political unrest. This migration is massive, unprecedented, extremely diverse and mostly unregulated. In the future migration into Europe will become a routine for which Germany and other European countries ought to be prepared. Therefore, several actions and reactions in terms of policies and laws for the acculturation and integration of migrant populations are urgently needed, particularly to adapt health policy strategies for improving the health status of immigrants. 

During the past years, the research focussed on refugees. The department leads a graduate school with 13 doctoral studients from various disciplines of Bielefeld University. The aim of this graduate school is the identification of short-, middle- and long-term challenges and chances of global (refugee) migration for healthcare in Germany and the development of practical solutions (www.uni-bielefeld.de/fluege/).




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