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The BaBi-Study – Health of Babies in Bielefeld

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The BaBi study is a prospective cohort study examining the health of 1,000 mother-and-child-pairs in Bielefeld, Germany. Health inequalities will be analysed in these areas:

  • physical development (child)
  • mental/cognitive development (child)
  • allergies (child)
  • access to and use of health care (mother and child)

The aim is to disentangle the effects of individual and contextual factors among the offspring of migrants and non-migrant. The BaBi-study will help to untangle the underlying reasons for health inequalities between different population groups in Germany under a life course perspective with a focus on the contribution of individual and contextual factors during pregnancy and childhood.


The BaBi study is carried out by the Department of Epidemiology & International Public Health at the School of Public Health of Bielefeld University. Researchers from the field of public health, medicine, statistics and ecotrophology as well as practitioners such as midwives and study nurses collaboratively work for the set up of the BaBi study.

Multidisciplinary and multicultural team of the BaBi study

The BaBi study is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, Grant number: 01ER1202) and located at Bielefeld University, Germany.

Cooperation partners supporting the BaBi study in Bielefeld:

  • Obstetric clinics
  • Gynecologists
  • Midwives
  • Pediatricians

If you want to know more about the BaBi study, or have questions about our work, please send us an email at babi-studie@uni-bielefeld.de or call us at: 0521-106 12766 (German and English) or : 0521-106 4690 (Turkish).



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