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The Department of Prevention and Health Promotion (AG 4) focuses on three areas:

Youth health: Child and youth labor are central topics of the AG 4. We participate in the German section of the HBSC-Study (which we lead until 2014) and we conduct numerous projects on the evaluation of prevention measures.

Women-focused and gender-equitable health: Men and women vary in their health needs, and different resources exist to keep them healthy. AG 4 projects are devoted to examining which gender-specific potential for disease prevention women and men possess, what their health needs are, and how the health care system can adequately react to these gender differences.

Evaluation and quality development in disease prevention and health promotion: Disease prevention and health promotion programs are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate empirically their impact on the health and health-relevant behaviors of populations. Projects in AG 4 are concerned with the question of how the effects of interventions ? even those in complex settings- can be assessed, and how health practitioners can be supported in implementing their projects at a high quality level. Particular attention is given to socially disadvantaged target groups.

Materials and publications developed either directly by AG 4 or in conjunction with others on the topics of evaluation and quality development, including the Questionnaire to Assess Well-being (FEW16) can be found here.

An overview of current research projects can be found here.



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