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Developing Concepts, Methods and Instruments

Nursing Science in Germany has long required a greater development of concepts, methods and instruments and a much closer look at what has been achieved in the field in other countries. The deficits in this area have a knock-on effect in the practice of health care services, for instance in the lack of understanding of what loss of independence and the need for care really mean and how they can be assessed. But other questions, such as what it means to deal with illness and what self-management means from the patient’s perspective, what methods can be used to research them, and how patients’ problems can be assessed and conceptualized in practice, are yet to be adequately answered.

For these reasons, the development of concepts, methods and instruments is an important core activity at the IPW. It includes the development of instruments with which the various forms of the need for care/ loss of independence can be assessed – to help plan for patient care, and equally, to enable the accurate assessments required by nursing care insurance providers.



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