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Inpatient/Long-term Care

Socio-demographic and epidemiological developments have led to considerable changes in inpatient – and particularly in long-term – care. There the age at which patients enter a nursing home has continued to rise, and the average length of stay has fallen. The needs and problems in nursing homes have altered radically, making nursing homes today a focus of many particular problems. New concepts in nursing and health services are needed, along with resource-oriented, quality- and evidence-based intervention strategies. The IPW’s projects in this area are helping to meet these challenges.

The Institute also deals with other important inpatient health service issues. Especially old patients depending on nursing care – whether as inpatients or outpatients – are often confronted with the need for treatment in the hospital. But hospitals are not adequately in tune with the problems and needs of this category of patient. People affected by dementia in particular are often not treated appropriately. IPW’s projects encompass all the health services in a patient’s hospital stay – especially how the services are integrated, how patients are discharged, and how post-hospitalization problems and requests are dealt with.



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