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förges 5:
Self-management of people of Turkish origin providing nursing care for relatives

Türkçe Sayfa

04/2018 bis 03/2021

Project management
Dr. Yüce Yilmaz-Aslan, Prof. Dr. Hürrem Tezcan-Güntekin (Alice Salomon Hochschule), Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Razum

Project team member
Tugba Aksakal

Cooperation partner
Arbeiterwohlfahrt UB Gelsenkirchen/Bottrop (Träger), Contact person: Admir Bulic

Project funding
Stiftung Wohlfahrtspflege NRW

Demented people with a Turkish migration background and their caring relatives are often vulnerable owing to their migration experiences and often to histories of hard physical work. Support for an autonomous lifestyle at old age is of particular importance for this population group. The majority of care dependent people with a migration background are cared for by their relatives at home. They rarely make use of outpatient support options or home care services. This may have different reasons: Many families are insufficiently informed of assistance provided by the German long-term care system or do not have the necessary health literacy. Sometimes they consider the existing support structures inappropriate with regard to their needs. Without external support the caring relatives may not be able to cope with the domestic care situation in many respects and can be at risk of falling ill themselves in the longer term. People with a Turkish migration background caring for their demented relatives are often considerably stressed. With the progressing disease, increasing symptoms and growing demands with regard to care and day-to-day life with the demented person, they develop a feeling of helplessness. Caring relatives find this extremely stressful. At the same time their self-management competencies may not be sufficiently developed. Self-help or psychological treatment is often rejected by caring relatives of people with a Turkish migration background. This is the issue our project addresses.

The aim of the project is to develop and validate a nursing care intervention for the promotion of self-management of people of Turkish origin caring for demented relatives. The intervention is designed as a home-visit, user-orientated and low-threshold intervention. It particularly relies on native-language information to promote health literacy, to increase empowerment and to promote self-management competencies. The intervention aims at physically and mentally relieving caring relatives and to brace them in their roles, their capacities to act and their resources.


  1. Developing an intervention concept for the promotion of self-management of people with a Turkish migration background caring for their demented relatives:
    1. Literature analysis,
    2. Developing an intervention concept,
    3. Preparation of care-specific information material in the Turkish language,
    4. Guidance of a Turkish speaking care specialist testing the intervention in families.
  2. Testing and validation of the designed intervention in the area of Gelsenkirchen/Bottrop.
  3. Review and distribution of the results in presentations, publications and a joint project volume of the research network förges.


  • Yilmaz-Aslan Y, Aksakal T, Razum O, Özer-Erdogdu I, Tezcan-Güntekin H, Brzoska P (2020): Pflege, Migration und diversitätssensible Versorgung. In: Die Pflegeversicherung. Handbuch zur Begutachtung, Qualitätsprüfung, Beratung und Fortbildung. Gaertner T, Knoblich S, Muck T, Rieger M (Eds); 4. aktualisierte, überarbeitete und umfassend erweiterte Auflage. Berlin: de Gruyter

This project is part of the research network förges.



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