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Health literacy among people with migration background in Germany (HLS-MIG)

09/2018 - 08/2021

Project management and coordination
Prof. Dr. Doris Schaeffer, Dr. Eva-Maria Berens

Cooperation partners
Prof. Dr. Sarah Carol (University of Cologne), Dr. Dominique Vogt (Hertie School of Governance), Prof. Dr. Klaus Hurrelmann (Hertie School of Governance)

Project team
Monika Mensing, Julia Klinger

Project funding
Robert Bosch Foundation

Almost a quarter of the German population has a migration background. Previous results indicate that in particular people with migration background perceive difficulties in finding, understanding, evaluating and applying health-related information. However, detailed studies on the causes, consequences and extent of health literacy among people with migrant background in Germany are scare.

Therefore the project aims to generate detailed data on health literacy among people with a migration background. These data can serve a basis for the development of target group-specific interventions.

The study concept and methodology are based on the quantitative survey of the HLS-GER study. The questionnaire will be further developed and supplemented by migrant specific aspects based on a literature search and then translated. In a cross-sectional survey about 1,000 people with a migration background will be interviewed personally.



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