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Tasks and Aims of the Equality Commission

  • Promoting equality between women and men by minimizing disadvantages and creating equal opportunities for development
  • Implementing the equality precept of the German constitution and of the Equalization Act of the state of North-Rhine Westphalia, as well as the existing framework for the equality of women and men at the University of Bielefeld

Inventory analysis of current student enrollment figures and job placement

  • Up until 2007 there was a yearly overall increase in the proportion of women among students. The proportion has since remained constant at 74%. The ratio is about 74:26.
  • The proportion of female students is higher than that of male students in both the Bachelor's and the Master's degree programs The high proportion of women can presumably be attributed to the fact that women?s socialization has drawn them to topics like "health" and "communication".
  • In comparison with other facilities, the School of Public Health is considered a strong employer of women.
  • Particularly positive is the increase in female professors to 38%.
  • However, the overall situation for mid-level scientific personnel has not developed to the advantage of women. While the proportion of female employees has remained stable at 40% , the chance of women occupying high-level positions has, in fact, worsened.
  • Women face disadvantages in both salary and the availability of "career springboards". It is therefore important to continually strive to improve women?s visibility - in particular in high-paid positions and in university posts and permanent positions at the mid-level faculty, where women continue to be underrepresented.

Secondary aims and Measures

    To increase the number of female professors and women among well-compensated employees in the mid-level faculty
  • Implementation of various measures for the promotion of women, such as the reappointment of professorships and professorial chairs by women, the creation of new positions for women, the increased departmental participation of female employees in working groups, targeted information, interactions with and recruitment of women, etc.
  • Targeted career support for female students and employees at the faculty
  • Coaching opportunities and tandem models for women, the development of a guide for young female scientists
  • Gender Mainstreaming in public health studies
  • Administration of a quantitative survey to the student body on ways to improve equality between men and women in public health studies
  • Administration of a quantitative survey to the student body on ways to improve equality between men and women in public health studies
  • Promotion and support of specific (female) groups: parents and women migrants
  • Measures to improve the study / work - family life balance
  • Promotion and support of women student migrants and women scientists from abroad
  • Promotion of gender aspects in research and teaching
  • Organization of a symposium on "Gender Issues in Research and Teaching of Public Health"
  • Organization of an event focusing on "Gender", given once per academic class and course of study
  • Strengthening cooperation with the activities of the IFF and networking with the degree program "MA Gender Studies"
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