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Public Health Confidential Team of Trust

Who we are

The "Public Health Confidential Team of Trust" of the Bielefeld School of Public Health (BISPH) is a permanent and cross-status working group. We offer a first point of contact for orientation in dealing with experiences of discrimination.

What we represent

Our work is based on the principles of confidentiality, tolerance and respect. Through our work, we want to create a culture at the BISPH that promotes the diverse, fair and respectful cooperation. We would like to sensitize for the manifold forms of (structural) discrimination, too.

What we offer

If you have experienced discrimination at the BISPH and need support, please contact us at any time. We treat your request confidential and we will not take any steps without your permission. You can contact the Confidential Team of Trust via this e-mail address: vertrauensteam.gesundheit@uni-bielefeld.de

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