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EMPH Alumni

The words Alumnus (male) respectively Alumnae (female) are Latin and their meaning is pupil (German: Zögling). Nowadays graduates of universities or similar education institutions are called Alumni / Alumnae.
Creating a network of Alumnis offers opportunities to exchange experiences, transfer knowledge, advice in further education and to strengthen social support.
Members of Alumni networks stay in contact with their university and their (ex) fellow students and provide their knowledge to following students of the programme.

These persons are graduates of the EMPH

Name E-Mail
Assmann, Charlotte charlotte.assmann@uni-bielefeld.de
Braubach, Mathias mattbrau@web.de
Kolpatzig, Kai kaikol@gmx.de
Makary, Peter markaryp@tvnetwork.hu
Meesmann, Uta uta.meesmann@web.de
Ottova, Veronika veronika.ottova@gmail.com
Tekeli-Yesil, Sidika sidikatekeli@hotmail.com
Von Kutzleben, Milena m.v.kutzleben@googlemail.com
Wein, Dörte doertewein@yahoo.com

Please feel as well free to contact them personally.



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