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Regular examinations

Throughout the degree program, students take both written and oral exams, e.g. in the form of tests, homework and presentations. The subject matter of these graded exams is the material from classes, lectures and/or modules given throughout the semester.

The regular exams are designed to demonstrate students? ability to independently apply the academic content and methods learned in their classes, lectures and/or modules.

Credit Points

For the successful completion of each course and/or module in a semester, students receive as many Credit Points as correspond to their study effort per hour per semester. The study effort consists of the semester week hours (SWS) of the teaching events plus the additional individual work volume per teaching event for preparation and follow-up. Credit points are awarded for the regular, active participation in classes and lectures, including the examinations passed.

In a total of four semesters, 120 Credit Points can be acquired. These can be counted towards to the "European Credit Transfer System - ECTS".

Academic degree

The degree ?Master of Science? (M.Sc.) in Public Health will be granted.



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