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Application, Admission, Enrolment

In principle, it is only necessary to apply for a place at the university when wanting to study in a restricted-admission programme (a so-called NC-Studiengang).
Selection and admission to these study courses is based particularly on two criteria: qualifications (average Abitur/school leaving examination grade) and the length of any waiting period. Applications can be made online over the Bielefeld University homepage.

A disability or chronic illness can be taken into account during the application procedure in the following ways:

->Application for compensation of disadvantage: Within this framework, the Abitur/school leaving examination grade, for example, can be evaluated in relation to a disability or the disability can be weighted positively in order to shorten the waiting time when calculating the number of semesters waited. An informal application has to be made in addition to the standard application procedure in order to claim this form of compensation of disadvantage.

->Applications for the hardship quota: An additional application also has to be made for consideration as a hardship case.

Further information on everything to do with applications and enrolments is available online at the FAQ-Seite (in German) of the Studierendensekretariat [Student Office] and, in particular, in the section on Questions on Hardship Cases (in German).

Applications can also be made in writing; it is not necessary to appear in person.

->The contact person for questions regarding admissions at the Studierendensekretariat [Student Office] is Jens Neugebauer.

->For questions regarding enrolments, contact the Studierendensekretariat [Student Office].

Leave of Absence, Re-enrolment

Students may take a leave of absence for good cause. A disability or chronic illness may be such a good cause (the corresponding application form [in German] is available online here).
During a leave of absence, no course credits can be acquired and no examinations can be taken.

Re-enrolment is also possible in writing and it is not necessary to appear in person.

->For questions regarding enrolments, contact the Studierendensekretariat [Student Office].

Credit Points and Examinations - Compensation for Disadvantage

Under some circumstances, students with a disability or chronic illness may have the right to a compensation for disadvantage [Nachteilsausgleich] with regard to credit points and examinations (active participation, individual work such as term papers etc.). The specific regulations on this can be found in the study and examination regulations of each faculty at Bielefeld University.
Compensation for disadvantage can - depending on the disability or illness - take the form of a time extension, use of technical aids, or the like.

The corresponding regulations are to be found in all study and examination regulations at Bielefeld University.

->Click here (in German) to gain more detailed information on the necessary preconditions for a compensation of disadvantage and what such a procedure looks like in the individual case.

->More information is available at each faculty's examination office.

H1 - Studying for Disabled Persons - Barrier-Free Until Your Degree


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