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HEPS: Application


Admission requirements are a degree in a programme of at least six semesters and a successful application.

The documents of application need to include:

Further information are found in the so-called Fächerspezifischen Bestimmungen, or Subject-specific regulations.

The Subject-specific regulations (Fächerspezifische Bestimmungen or FsBs) are found on the websites of the “Information on the HEPS programme” of the Bielefeld Information System (BIS). Due to legal reasons the documents are in German.

  Information on the HEPS programme (BIS)



Application Deadline


We recommend to enter the programme in the winter semester. It is, however, also possible to begin in the summer semester. Application deadline for the winter semester is: September 1 (international students until July 15).  Application deadline for the summer semester is March 1 (international students until January 15).



The application is to be submitted via the central online portal of the registrar’s office. Online-Portal 



There are no tuition fees, but obligatory dues for various services (reduced price meals, public transportation) are charged.